GOD VS. RELIGION,9781455577323,Creflo A. Dollar

10 Reasons To Break Free From The Bondage Of Religious Tradition

Author: Creflo A. Dollar

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Bestselling author Dr. Creflo Dollar offers a clarion call for people to ditch religion and embrace a relationship with Christ with 10 compelling reasons WHY I HATE RELIGION. Over centuries, religion has broken churches, fueled wars, and driven people away from the true Gospel of Jesus. Dr. Creflo Dollar shows why God hates religion--but loves for people to have genuine connections with Him. He presents 10 compelling reasons, such as: Religion makes people try to earn their way into Heaven, but Christ offers grace; Religion says God uses calamity to teach His people, but Christ comforts us; and Religion makes prayer a powerless "form of godliness," but Christ hears every word. WHY I HATE RELIGION will give readers an empowering understanding of the true values of Christianity and beliefs that transform church-going into a full, authentic, and meaningful relationship with God.

Format: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781455577323
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