HOLY SPIRIT REVELATION & REVOLUTION,9781933106625,Reinhard Bonnke

Exploring Holy Spirit Dimensions

Author: Reinhard Bonnke

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The Chains Are Breaking! He is real. He is powerful. He is the secret dynamic of a vibrant faith. He is the Holy Spirit, the agent of divine action on earth - and God's gift to you. For centuries, believers have misunderstood this neglected member of the Trinity. Yet in the past one hundred years, a Holy Spirit movement has gained momentum, transforming millions of lives around the globe. Today, chains everywhere are breaking - people are freeing themselves to experience an amazing, Spirit-led phenomenon. In Holy Spirit Revelation and Revolution, renowned inter- national evangelist Reinhard Bonnke invites you to break your bonds and encounter the meaning and miracles of the Spirit. Don't wait - it will change your life and inspire your faith. More important, it will free the Spirit, through you, to take the message of God's incredible glory and everlasting love to the world. Internationally recognized evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has led crusades in Africa, Asia, and around the world for more than 30 years. Since the start of the millennium, more than 45 million people have responded to the gospel call at these events. He is the founder of Christ for all Nations, a worldwide evangelistic ministry based in Orlando, Florida; is the author of numerous books (more than 185 million copies in print); and serves as host of a film series, television program, and online study course on evangelism.

Format: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781933106625
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