Messiah: The First Judgement-Book Two (Paperback) , By Wendy Alec

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Fans of Wendy Alec's best-selling novel, The Fall of Lucifer will be delighted to know that the sequel is now available. Launched in Europe on October 31, 2007, Messiah: The First Judgement is the second book in The Chronicles of Brothers series which tells the fascinating story of three angelic brothers -- Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer.

In The Fall of Lucifer, readers discovered how the comradeship of these archangels was shattered through Lucifer's banishment to Perdition. Now only one can put a stop to his demonic plans - Lucifer's arch enemy, The Nazarene. In Messiah, a savage bloody battle ensues in the vaults of the damned as the vast armies of the first heaven and hell wage violent war. Perdition's kingdom is ravaged for a season, until Lucifer summons the dread councils of hell to conspire and spawn his own Messiah... and the brothers meet up again for the first time in 15 millenniums... Though a work of fiction, Messiah is an extraordinary piece of creative evangelism and, like the first book in the series, it looks set to be as well received by the mainstream marketplace as by the Christian reader.